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February 8, 2016
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Detailed model-level vehicle reviews written by professional journalists include high-level information, granular detail and driving impressions to enhance inventory descriptions and increase leads and sales.

We can help you meet consumer demand for detailed online vehicle information that feels like sitting in the driver’s seat.

The New Car Test Drive is a model-level vehicle review written by professional journalists who have driven the cars. The reviews are written to appeal to a wide-range of consumers and are divided into 11 segments, so you control which segments to present and in what order to present them.

New Car Test Drive delivers the detailed online vehicle information consumers demand, written in a way that feels like sliding behind the wheel.

  • Tagline noting a vehicle’s best-selling points
  • Vehicle introduction
  • Vehicle lineup
  • Interior features
  • Exterior features
  • Driving impressions
  • Concise summary
  • Complete model line-up
  • Country of assembly
  • Options as tested
  • Model tested.
  • Reviews cover US vehicles from the 2000 model year forward
  • Linked to a Chrome Style ID
  • Updated weekly
  • User-friendly format and easy to digest content
  • Features what is unique and valuable about the vehicle
  • Create compelling, detailed vehicle presentations to drive leads and sales
  • Put consumers in the driver’s seat with professional reviews written by journalists who have driven the vehicles
  • Work with proven automotive data providers for all of your vehicle information and review needs
  • Easily integrate reviews with Chrome Data’s complete suite of products

2011 Performance Car Reviews
2011 Performance Car Reviews
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