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June 26, 2017
Cap City Nissan Dealer Reviews

After a confusing, high pressure, stressful experience elsewhere, my husband and I went to Groove for two reasons: It was close to our home and the online listings showed cars in our budget that we liked. I was hoping for a better experience, but prepared for the same stress we faced earlier in the week at another dealership. The moment we walked in the door (without an appointment on busiest day of year) we were greeted by a friendly employee who was waiting for another client. It was busy and he set to find us anyone who was free. It was Edson Holland! Edson was completely professional and communicated regulary with us whenever he had to leave to grab keys or other items. He asked us honest questions and engaged us in conversation about our lives and his. He is a wonderful person to talk with, besides being knowledgeable and professional, and he knows how to balance the two. Edson gave us clear information through the entire process. Following the test drives, when we had narrowed our choice to 2 cars, he gave us time alone to discuss our decision, not pressuring us at all. When we were ready, Edson facilitated a fair negotiation with us, listening to our reservations and how to resolve them. All of our needs, and our price, were met. I was surprised to learn how little time he had been doing this work because he was entirely knowledgeable and relaxed. I cannot recommend Edson more. An additional note on Groove in general: We had contact with four different people throughout the process and each of them was professional, friendly, and helpful. The energy of the entire dealership was supportive, neither competitive nor judgmental. Everything took several hours, but we were never forgotten, or ignored as customers or people. Everyone explained every step clearly. Ask for Edson if you can get him, but you should be well taken care of by someone else if he is too popular to get! We purchased a 2014 Impreza 5door in excellent condition. This was our first time purchasing a vehicle at a dealership as well as the biggest investment we have yet made. We are loving our car a week later!


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